I love mobile photography, that is using the phone as a tool to take photo. So, I thought about sharing one with you today!

The Photo of the Day

Nature photography, mobile photography
Enchanting beauty of nature!

Mobile Photography Tip #4

The most important thing to look out for when taking a photo is to make sure that you set the focus on your subject. To set the focus on the phone camera you simply tap the screen where your subject is in the frame. In most devices a small yellow square will appear to confirm the focus point.

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24 thoughts on “#4 Photo of the Day [Mobile Photography]

  1. This is a fine example of the viewpoint that, it is not the equipment, with so much onboard technology, that takes a great picture. It is the eye of the photographer. Once the picture has been observed, the camera records the moment for future referral. The beauty is in the eye of the photographer the camera a tool, to transfer an image, to the. A view to a view if you like. Thanks. Chris T.

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  2. Ah.. this makes me miss Hawaii. I lived there many years ago and had a Plumeria tree in the yard. Really love the colors!
    I also love Mobile Photography and have a blog where all photos are taken with my phone.
    I keep thinking that at some point, I’ll get a “real” camera, but the longer I wait (each new phone), the more my camera quality improves.
    I currently have a Galaxy S8+ and love it. My site is here if you’re interested:
    My mobile phone tip: Look up the “Rule of Thirds”… On my phone, I can add a grid that shows where the “thirds” are in relation to my photo… This can help set the balance.

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  3. It so amazing. The colours of flower are so highlighted in the whole picture. I just loved.
    I tried to capture nature’s beauty but that’s not like yours. Please visit on my blog let me know hows it.

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