She came into the world with peace within and mayhem outside.

When she opened her eyes, she instantly felt love for the mother.

So much so her love was enough for the both of them.

The mother was a damaged woman who lost her soul & now envied the soulful laughter on her own daughter’s lips.

How can this child be smiling, how can it be so full of joy without a reason.

The mother felt entitled for those smiles & that joy, this child has stolen it from me, she said to herself, the way once my mother stole it from me.

So the mother justified abandoning her in her own child’s most helpless years,

The mother justified every mean spirited & most hurtful things to say & act.

She restricted, she condemned, she criticized.
As the mother proceeded with wounding that child, the smile & the joy slowly slipped away.

But the spark remained, something remained, so stubbornly refusing to die.

Her soul was one of its kind, when it got worse it hid from the child, waiting for her to come searching for it herself.

One day the child grew up, with the soul hidden & the wounds hidden.

She was a half asleep girl now.

It was the dark night of the soul, the spark took all it had & in one moment it lighted the darkness away from the heart.

She couldn’t believe what she saw, what was this light & what was this peace. More peaceful than silence & more bright than a thousand stars.

It didn’t last long, but now she was sleeping no more.

Her journey has just beginned, she knows now, where her treasure lies. her soul is back on with all the stubbornness it had before.

Thank you for reading 🦢🤍

11 thoughts on “she and her soul

  1. Beautiful thought…so well expressed..
    The journey of many a girl child in our sub continent…despite all the threats some still rise and shine…hope the numbers increase and all live their dream…
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

    Liked by 2 people

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