Working on this blog was the most important thing that helped me in my transition from an unemployed to a self employed!

I’m a blogger & it’s definitely passion that has led me here! Besides creating content for my blog, I also work as a freelancer. I’m a top rated freelance seller on one of the most popular freelance sites.

I’ve worked on more than 100 projects so far, helping my clients achieve exactly what they have in mind.

I work as a professional web researcher, putting together efficient research reports on any topic. I design ebooks & ebook covers. I also format ebooks for Amazon Kindle.

Now you too can work with me, i. e, if you’re interested! I’ll list the various services I can offer at as low a price as possible!

Here we go-

Guest Post

guest post, paid guest post

If you’ve got an interesting idea for a guest post & you’re interested in publishing it on my blog, I would love to hear it!

I would prefer blog posts on topics like:

  • Real life,
  • Unemployment,
  • Self employment,
  • Inspiring stories,
  • Self development,
  • Books,
  • Mental health,
  • Photography, etc.

Here are some info about my blog that you might like to know-

  • You’ll be able to reach more than 5K readers who’re following the blog.
  • My blog’s Domain Authority is 18, Alexa Rank is 4.0M & Moz Rank is 2.9.
  • It also has a social reach of more than 3K.
  • The blog has about 5K monthly unique viewers on Pinterest.
  • The blog has social media presence across different social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.

Whether you’ve got only the rough idea or the whole blog post, just send me an email with the subject line- ‘Idea for guest post‘ & I’ll share with you my thoughts about it.

Paid Promotions

work with me

You’ve got an amazing product/ book/ course/ business & looking for ways to promote it? I can help you with your promotions & reach an audience through my blog.

This blog is followed by 5K amazing & active people & has a social media reach of more than 3K. The blog also sends out monthly newsletters to more than 100 email subscribers.

If you think my blog might be the right place for your product/ book/ course/ business promotion, then send me an email with the subject line- ‘Looking for product / business promotion‘ & I’ll reply to you ASAP!

Ebook Cover Designing

ebook cover, kindle cover

I’ve helped many of my clients create the book cover, that doesn’t just look good but brings out the message of the book as well! I’ve also created all of the book covers for my own ebooks.

You can check out my previous work, here is my ebook cover portfolio. Most of the ebook covers are either for Amazing Kindle or PDF Ebooks.

If you would like me to design the cover for your next ebook, send me an email with the subject line- ‘Create Ebook cover for my Ebook

Ebook Creation & Designing

create ebook

Convert your blog post or article or any other content to an impressive EBook to build trust & authority among your readers, potential subscribers and customers. You can also use this resource as lead magnet to attract more subscribers to your website.

I will design the cover for the E Book as well as all interior formatting. Do checkout my portfolio document to get an idea of the design.

If you would like me to help you turn your content into an EBook, send me an email with the subject line- ‘Create an EBook for my content‘.

Ebook Formatting

(Amazon Kindle or any other)

work with me, ebook

I can format your book to make it look different and not at all like every other book available on Amazon Kindle. Your book will have it’s own character with it’s custom fonts, layouts and other elements.

Formatting of your book will be according to Amazon Kindle standards. You’ll get a unique look of the book with the use of fonts and layout, paragraph spacing, indentation, drop-caps, etc.

I’ll also include clickable table of content,
book front matter and back matter & use of images (if required) relevant to the content of the book.

The formatted book will be ready to publish on KDP aka Kindle Direct Publishing as a K.P.F. file. You will also get a source file either in a MS WORD or PDF format.

Send me an email with the subject line- ‘Format my Ebook‘ & I’ll explain to you the rest of the process.

Web Research on Any Topic

work with me, blogging servi

I can provide you detailed information on any topic by conducting deep and thorough web research. Whether you need info for your new book, blogpost or your next awesome business idea, I can find it for you.

All information will be relevant and reliable, gathered from quality sources. I’ll gather all the available facts, statistics on the topic, the original source or references of the information, contact details- email, web address, phone, etc.

Your final research report will be a clean & organized presentation of all information in Word, Excel or PDF format.

Send me an email with the subject line- ‘Conduct web research on my topic‘ & I’ll let you know if I can find the information you’re looking for.

Content Creation

work with me

We all know content is king & this statement is of more significance today than ever before. Whatever the line of business you’re in, content creation will only boost your business. More importantly, it will help you in building an audience, an audience who will turn out to be your potential clients.

I can help you in creating the kind of content which will align with your business goals & reach your target audience. I can create content such as blog posts, articles, social media graphics, posts, etc.

If you’re interested in this service then send me an email with the subject line- ‘Create content for me‘, I always reply as fast as possible!

What My Clients say About Me:

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