The River Knows…

The river starts its journey from high up the mountains. Every drop of water that flows is pure, fresh, serene and untouched by any pollutants.

Slowly the river flows downstream, silently witnessing the world around it.

The river observes life within and without. It sustains and supports both.

It knows why we come to it, it reads every thought that crosses our minds. Thoughts of survival, thoughts of sustenance and the thoughts of exploitation, thoughts of destruction. 

How selfish we humans can be?

To go to the river (and I don’t mean physically) and dump all our rubbish, things we use and abuse and all kinds of undesired contaminants.

We humans think only of ourselves and that the world belongs to only ourselves. 

‘Ourselves’ can’t and won’t create life and everything that is required for life. For life is (and always will be) beyond ourselves, it is a unit.

A unit that works together, everyone and everything is related and in unity only this unit called life (on earth) will sustain.

A unit that works together, everyone and everything is related and in unity only this unit called life (on earth) will sustain.


We need to reflect and stop our selfish actions that deteriorates nature’s abundance.

Maybe we should begin with the mighty river and we must begin before it’s too late.

For we have seen the mighty river at its best and its worst. The river is mighty, it leaps and springs with love but never forget that it also has a rage that knows no bounds.

The river knows all and never should we forget – it knows flowing serenely and havocly.

(Havocly: if that’s even a word, you know what I mean! Fear nature and me a little because I make new weird words out of thin air.)

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10 thoughts on “The River Knows | The Mighty River

  1. We as humans dump into a river so it will take all our shit, literally and figuratively, away. We don’t care about those down river for they are doing the same. Those who do care are the ones at the mouth of the river for they see all the shit, literally and figuratively, and are sad. They care. ********* You have been missed. Nice to see you posting again.

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