Who doesn’t like taking photos with their phones? We all do! Infact some people (like me) indulge in a lot of mobile photography! I’m sharing one with you today-

The Photo of the Day

Garden photo, photo of the day
“A garden to walk in and to dream in…”

Mobile Photography Tip #11

There is absolutely nothing wrong in editing good photos to make them even better. Edit your photos to improve the quality, clarity and to make colors pop.

I recommend using adobe lightroom, the free version for mobile. You can apply a profile (filter) or one of the presets. There is a lot more you can do and experiment with. But never over do it or it will look very artificial and won’t look good at all.

💬 Did you like the photo of the day?

Do share if you have any tips on mobile photography.

Thank you 📷

18 thoughts on “#11 Photo of the Day [Mobile Photography]

  1. Thank you for that good suggestion. I will try that app and explore photography some more.
    I’ve been obsessed with pictures lately. My recent blog post was inspired by an old photo. I hope you can drop by and give it a look.

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