For the love of books! 

Once I attended a lecture given by a great professor who told us a thing or two about why we should all read books. He said, everyone should manage to read at least one book in a year.If you can make time to read more than one book every year, it’s all the better!

He continued by saying that just as we nourish our body with nutritious food, we must also nourish our minds (or brains) with good books.

I have always enjoyed reading books but my reading habit went into a slumber at that point of time. After listening to the professor’s advice about reading books I was inspired to develop my reading habit.

“…If I enjoyed reading a book I would read it till my heart desired, once/ twice or all day/ all night.”

I started with reading more and more books from the library. Some books I would read more than once and some I would stop reading after a chapter. If I enjoyed reading a book I would read it till my heart desired, once/ twice or all day/ all night.

After a while I stopped going to the library. No, I didn’t stop reading! I just didn’t like to part from the books I loved reading so much. So, I started saving all the money I could save to spend it all on books.

I love reading both fiction books as well as non-fiction books.

Some of the books that are closest to my heart are:

Fiction books-

1. To kill a mockingbird

Book, reading
“Remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird…”

Get your own copy of this amazing book-

2. The Alchemist

Get your own copy of this amazing book-

Non-Fiction books-

1. The Prophet

Get your own copy of this amazing book-

2. How to stop worrying and start


Books, reading habit
“Find yourself and be yourself — remember there is no one else on earth like you!”

Get your own copy of this amazing book-

These are the books that can change anyone’s life and they sure changed mine.

There are lots of people who don’t read regularly or may be at all. There are also some people (like myself) who love books but because of some reason their reading habit has taken a pause.

“…With the amount of content we have on the Internet to indulge all our senses on, reading books does seem pretty lame.”

It is actually quite understandable why we don’t want to read books so much anymore. With the amount of content we have on the Internet to indulge all our senses on, reading books does seem pretty lame. If that wasn’t enough of a distraction, we have also got almost too many social media sites and never ending scrolling sessions on these sites.

So, don’t feel too bad or guilty for not finishing that book you started (I’m guessing) last summer! The one which stares at the ceiling lying on your bed stand or your study table.

But we can not ignore the fact that reading books is necessary if we want to grow and think better. Reading is the essence to having a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Reading is not only suitable for your mental health but it can also be an amusing and relaxing thing to do for you.

All you have to do is control your distractions (mainly Internet) and put that wasted time into reading. Now, don’t try to read everything at one go, though it would make me very happy if I encouraged you enough to do that!

“Read the kind of books you like, the topics and genres that are interesting to you. Start with reading just a few pages… “

I suggest to slowly and steadily cultivate your reading habit. Read the kind of books you like, the topics and genres that are interesting to you. Start with reading just a few pages (3-6) everyday and gradually increase the number of pages to read throughout the day.

If you want any more tips on reading or some book suggestions, feel free to ask me anytime. You can leave a comment or send me direct mail and I’ll reply to you ASAP.

Book, books, read, reading
My book collection: the only treasure I own!

I’m thinking of starting a new series (soon) where I’ll share my most favorite lines from the books I (always present tense) love! It’s an old habit of mine to note down the best lines from the book I am or was reading. I’m going to share my love of books that I (always present tense) love reading over and over. I hope you will also like some of that good stuff.
Let me know what you think about this idea 🙂


💬 Have you read any good books lately?
Do share which is your most favorite book (and why) in the comments below…

Blogging, thank you
Thank you for reading till the end!

76 thoughts on “What happened to our good old reading habits?

  1. Sometimes books are the only friends one has, reading definitely helps us understand and be empathetic to one another. Took up a reading challenge to finish reading 10 books in order to revive my reading habit, I am glad to say I am currently reading my 15th book this year. Its definitely not about the numbers but that feel good feeling a good book leaves 🍃 you with. That’s a wonderfully written article, I am glad you shared it. Thank God for books 📖

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    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation. I admire how you managed to achieve your reading challenge. I haven’t been able to keep up with mine lately, but I’m trying.
      Reading is such a pleasant & fulfilling experience, you’re so right to say- thank God for books! ☺

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  2. Oh the list is endless. I had posted a write up on some of my favourite books earlier, after debating for days. I have always liked classics more and my favourites feature more of classics.

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  3. I’ve got a really long list of favorite books! There can’t be just one! The Kite Runner, Kafka on the Shore, Stoner, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Little Life, The Catcher in the Rye, Unbroken, Tuesdays with Morrie are some I always recommend to people. Lately though, I’m on an “unintentional” reading hiatus! I haven’t read anything for almost two months. Very not me! 😉 This is also the year I’ve read the least number of books… And I’m not happy about it…
    Anyways, this is a great read! Happy Sunday! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thought. Kite runner, to kill a mockingbird & Tuesdays with morrie are my fav as well. Catcher in the rye & kafka on the shore are in my current reading list. I’ll check out a little life.
      I completely get how you feel about reading less number of books, I have been feeling the same way.
      Happy Sunday to you too ☺

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  4. What would we do without books? Love them. But I’d have to admit I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m curious now and looking forward to reading it! It would be a delight for you to share with us your favorite lines from a book. 🌸. Thanks

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    1. You should read that book, initially the book might feel little less interesting but after a few chapters you’ll get very attached to the characters. Once you finish it, lines from the book will stay back with you in your mind for a long long time. That was my experience reading To kill a mockingbird. Do let me know if you feel the same way after reading this great classic.
      Thanks for sharing your thought & best wishes ❤︎

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  5. You have explained very well the distractions in the way of completing a book. The journey with a book has many hiccups and I have seldom heard anyone talking about that. It is kind of relief to know that others also feel the same way.
    Yes…it would be very nice and refreshing idea to put lines from different books in a post. It would be a great chance to learn for those who can’t find time to read a book.

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  6. Great read! I am also a BIG hard copy book lover!
    As I have also set the example for my little girl and she now has a LOVE for her hard copies as well. And quiet the collection.
    Thanks for sharing my fellow reading friend. ✌🏻😃

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    1. Thank you so much Michael for sharing the thought. I haven’t read white oleanders, I’ll check it out. I also enjoy reading books with parables & metaphors. The best thing is every time you reread such a book, you derive a different meaning all together. I think it’s a very fulfilling experience.

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  7. I am a bookworm, still feel ashamed that I haven’t read many great books till date. Awaiting for your cherished list of books. I am sure I will find more books to add in my reading wish list after this. Moreover, reading not only relaxes mind, but also improves the craft for bloggers like us 🙂

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  8. Wonderfully written, I feel the same way about books. Books can sometimes help you to leave behind all your worries, to flow down enchanted rivers or fly across the mountains to find hope and encouragement that one might not be able to find in their normal lives! Thanks for the post!! ☺

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    1. Indeed, I have felt that way too about books. There were a few times when books have comforted me more than any friends or anyone else. You have put into words special feelings we develop with books very beautifully. Thank you for sharing this very special thought ❤︎

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  9. I agree completely, and I love good books. Distractions can be hard to fight because we are bombarded with them, so you are right, it takes discipline. At least to get started. A pretty simple habit of mine is to read every night before going to sleep – even if it is only for 10 or 20 minutes 🙂 One book I’d recommend is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It addresses some of the habits and self-limitations we impose on ourselves and how to go about changing them.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful thought. The habit of reading a few pages each night is very effective & easy to follow. I try to do it as much as I can. Also, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check the book out.
      Hope you have a great day ahead ☺

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  10. There are many things that are good for us. We don’t do them. Even though we know they are good for us. Similarly, there are things that we know that are bad. But we indulge.Reading falls in the first category. I agree that reading is a habit. It needs to be cultivated. Even one page a day of a book helps us form a habit. It helps us get into a routine and makes us concentrate our mind.

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    1. That is a very interesting observation. Why are we easily influenced by the bad things & why do we always need to push ourselves for doing the right things? I guess no-one has the exact answer to that.
      Thank you so much for sharing the great thought & some very useful suggestions for developing reading habit. Appreciate it 🙂


  11. Books have always made me feel more relaxed and have grounded me. There are a few books that I’ve read multiple times so far and might just read them multiple times more. Both the Fictions mentioned by you are always on my bedside, along with Into The Wild and recently The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*uck (a reliable and realistic book regarding self help)

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  12. I try and read a book once every two weeks it use to be every 3 days. Right now it’s just making the time and plus it’s easier to get books on the internet, I mostly look from the older books, unabridged 📚 books the real earlier stuff that is hard to come by. I do a lot of medical and legal research, mediating, uplifting, business, searching for the books that stand out so many people are writing something. I don’t think people who really like to read books have stop its just the information is to easy to access without reading the Who book

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  13. Wow! That is a good write up. Seems my passion for reading seems ‘dead’ now a days. Read books since my early childhood. All credit to my eldest brother who ignited this fire in me. Starting from Noddy series by Enid Blyton and going on to read almost each and every book written by her. Graduated to Nick Carter, Ian Fleming moved on to Archer etc. And then had the taste of Dale Carnegi,Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, Spencer Johnson,Rhonda Byrne, Steve Covey more recently APJ Abdul kalam and many many more such authors. Such books really helped me make positive changes in my own life but also made good changes in people around me. I was a regular visitor to the Kolkata Book Fair every year. Spent hours on all days there. Loved even just watching the large number of Book covers. I gave my books for reading and insisted on the same being returned. I was very possessive about them. However read about a Street Library movement in Kolkata, inititated by iLead’s Pradeep Gupta, I donated most of my books to the cause and surprisingly felt so good doing it. Some books I adore are : Tough Times Never Last Tough People Do: Robert Schuller, Who moved my Cheese: Spencer Johnson, Secret series: Rhonda Byrne, Power of Positive Thinking: Peale to name a few.
    Trust this Blog and the comments thereon may rekindle my passion of reading. Thanks, loved reading about books and reading them.


  14. I’ve been thinking about this lately and like how you have said it. “But we can not ignore the fact that reading books is necessary if we want to grow and think better. Reading is the essence to having a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Such a true statement.

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  15. I love a good book, if a movie is produced, I always look forward to some of the books written about it, because you get to seem how they felt, what they think about, their emotions. It’s just splendid. Thank God for books 😀. And, yes, this was an amazing blog!

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  16. My favorite books have always been ones by Jodi Picoult and Sarah Dessen. I think they are very good writers. I don’t have any specific ones that I like more than others. I am looking for new authors. I have read so many books by so many authors, but I enjoy finding new ones to fall in love with

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