“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
-Khalil Gibran

What’s the one thing that’s common in all of us?

It’s how we run after pleasant feelings & away from painful ones.

We know what pleasure or happiness is like. We feel & are quite open to feel good feelings.

But when it comes to the opposite counterpart, we want to avoid every painful feeling in every possible way.

Think about the things you & I do to avoid or escape our pain:

  • we run from it,
  • we find distractions,
  • we get into addictions,
  • become workaholics &
  • go to just about any length not to validate our pain.

Why do we run from our pain?

Why do we run from our pain? What is the reason for this strange behavior?

Nobody wants to be in pain, we hate it or probably we fear it. But why do we hate and/ or fear it so much?

We hate things that don’t agree with our expectations. We fear things that we don’t understand.

Do we understand our pain?

Do we understand our pain? What is pain, if not just a feeling. All that feelings want from us is either a request (in moderation) or a demand (in extreme) to be felt.

I think as we grow up we pick a lot of wrong beliefs from society. One such wrong belief is thinking pain as bad for us.

Some very wise man once said that pain & pleasure are not two different things, they are one. Though totally opposite, one is the better half of the other.

When one is with you in your house, the other is waiting patiently outside your door for its turn.

Can we change this wrong belief to honor the most misunderstood emotion of ours. At least let’s make a genuine attempt to understand our pain & also why it’s good for us.

Why is pain good for us? 

Pain is far from a bad feeling. Did you know we need physical pain for our own benefit. It tells us what’s wrong in our body, what’s broken or in need of care, repair & healing.

Pain is a strong feeling & it demands to be felt. When you feel one emotion, you are able to feel all other emotions as well.

Have you ever observed a child, when they cry & when they laugh, it’s with the same intensity. They feel both pleasure & pain equally, because they don’t yet have our wrong belief of thinking one as good & other as bad.


Can you feel your pain with all of your heart, no matter how broken it may be. Sit with it, listen to it. There is no greater depth than the wisdom your pain will share once you let it.

You’ll have a very different sort of understanding of life, you may call it maturity. You’ll feel compassion & empathy for yourself & others like never before. Slowly your pain will open your heart up & you’ll be able to absorb in a blissful wave of eternal joy.

Can you try this? If you’re not ready, don’t worry about it. Be ever so patient with your pain & yourself. Start with thinking of pain & pleasure as the two sides of the same coin.

Start with thinking of your pain as a person who is looking at the mirror & the reflection in the mirror is your pleasure. Think about it, is your reflection in the mirror different from you?

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23 thoughts on “Pain: Your Most Misunderstood Emotion

  1. Wonderful. Before understanding and evaluating the reason for pain, people start crying over it. Its become natural or a default nature. If we remain calm and composed and try to think about the pain, solution would also come automatically. Its always said, sleep over it. Its my experience. Once I get up leaving thinking about it, I get up with a solution or atleast with a strength to face it.
    I am going to follow you in Twitter in a while.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice expression….but though we all want to run away from pain..
    But it’s the pain which stays with us much longer than a good feeling does..

    Liked by 1 person

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