Photography is amazing! You can capture a moment & capture it with your unique perspective. You know what’s even more amazing than photography? 

I can’t answer this question, I’ll sound like a nitwit if I do! I mean the heading of this post makes the answer quite obvious. 

I absolutely love mobile photography & I don’t think I’m the only one! The number of mobile photography enthusiasts are on a (high) rise. There are two reasons for this in my opinion: 

  • Technology: You can do so much with the powerful technology you’ve in the palm of your hands! 
  • Social media: Everyone has a phone, everyone uses it to take photos & everyone (except Keanu 💖 Reeves) is on social media. You do the maths! 

There may be other reason/s, but that’s not important. As lame as this sounds, I’m going to say it: forget the reason, enjoy the season! And this is clearly the season for mobile photography. 

With this thought & in the spirit of the love for mobile photography, I’ll be sharing photos each month with a theme. 

I’ve been sharing some of my mobile photography shots along with useful tips, you can check them here if you like.

The theme of the month is…. 

  • Under the sky 

mobile photography
The early morning sky… 
nature mobile photography
Clouds come floating into my life… 
mobile photography, sky photography
The big blue sky… 
river, nature, sky, photography
Earthen lamp over the river…
mobile photography
Endless & infinite sky…


Would you like to get featured in this mobile photography series? I would love to check out your shots, you may send me (not more than three) shots. Here’s my email 💌 

Next month’s theme will be ‘Plants & trees

What are your thoughts on mobile photography? Please do share… 

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