I‘ve completely skipped beating around the bush! Let’s all be honest to ourselves, beating around the bush a little can be a lot of fun!

But I’ve still decided not to & to come to the point straight with the heading of this blog post.

I wrote a short story last year, but I wasn’t satisfied with it. Someone was kind enough to share his honest constructive critical opinion on it. I couldn’t agree more with him, I knew I could do better.

So I wrote another one, which I just self published on Kindle Direct Publishing.

I just wanted to ask you if you would like to read my short story. The short story is available to read for free for a limited period of 5 days, you won’t have to buy it.

We’ve been connected through blogging & wordpress for a while & I really value & respect your views & opinions. It would mean a world to me if you would consider reading it & sharing your honest opinion on it.

Mangal the Salesman | A Short Story

mangal the salesman a short story

“…It’s been there for a long time, the previous generation grilling the obsession through the skulls of the new ones. You begin going to school and you’ll start hearing from all directions, ‘if you don’t study as well as you could, you’ll never get a job.’ And I dare say, if they mean anything but a government job when they say the word ‘job!’ No other job can ever be qualified enough to be called a job but a government job! There are two exceptions though, which I almost forgot to mention.

You grow up to be a government employee or a doctor or an engineer, there are no other alternative professions. If you show interest in any other profession you’ll be advised against it because it’s not as good, safe, secure or having potential as the above three…”

-An excerpt from Mangal the Salesman

About Mangal the Salesman:

It’s a short story about an average Indian man who is obsessed over getting a government job. But why? Is it just a matter of security or something else! Read this very interesting short story & find out more about Mangal & whether he gets his dream job or not…

This short story is available on Amazon Kindle to read for free for a limited period of 5 days.

If you decide to read it, thank you so much for your time: the most precious gift of all! And please please do share your thoughts (good & bad) about the story.

Start Reading it for Free


29 thoughts on “Would you be interested in reading a Short Story?

  1. Binita,
    I read your story, even downloaded Kindle for PC to do it;) First, I am an American, which gives me a perspective and a context not always coherent with the world’s English. Second, I am not an award-winning writer.
    What interesting insight into Indian culture. Every culture has its definitions, obsessions, and priorities for success. You made it clear what is important for most men to achieve to gain a foothold in Indian society.
    Maybe it is my recent focus on viewpoint in writing that promotes my responses to your story. These days, I choose first person, present tense. Rather than relaying observations, (he did this or he wanted that) I relate the experience from inside each person, (I see this, I feel that).
    In this case, it would transform a description into an experience, which I believe is what readers want to get from books and stories. The internal and external conversations are relatable, and reveal the dichotomy between what we feel and what we do with others.
    Another thing I came to understand in recent months, is, everything is a draft. Others can contribute so much to rewrites and editing. The hardest thing for me, is to say, “this is it.” and let it go, because I think, someone could show me a better way.
    Best of luck
    Von Smith

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    1. Dear Von,

      Thank you so much for taking all that trouble & reading the story. I really appreciate your kind gesture.

      You’ve given some valuable pointers which I’ll keep a note of. I completely agree with your opinion that everything is a draft. At the end of the day, writing is a creative process & like all processes it is also a constant one. We’ve to keep updating, editing, adding new parts & making all necessary changes to improve our work for readers.

      Thank you again.

      Best wishes,

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    1. Thank you so much Rakhi for your most kind gesture. I hope you enjoy reading the short story. If you do like it & consider reviewing it on your blog, that would be an honor & mean a lot to me.

      I just visited your blog on wordpress & it is full of meaningful, valuable & well written content. I look forward to reading more of your amazing content.

      Love & best wishes ❤︎


  2. i enjoyed reading your story. Your use of language is very precise, rather like your character which works very well. Just one minor point, I am not the Grammar Police but I do think you have overused the exclamation mark. I don’t think that you need it. Best Wishes.

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    1. Thank you so much for your most kind words of appreciation. I’m so happy to know that you liked the story & the character, you made my day! Thanks for pointing out, I’ve actually realized I tend to over use exclamation mark even in real life. I mean virtual/ real, it’s reflected in my writing. Now that I know I’ll try & bring it under control. Hopefully! 😃

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