There are many researches and statistics available on the Internet that clearly shows how depression and unemployment are interconnected. But for anyone who has been unemployed for a while, already knows this as a fact.

The struggle of an unemployed first starts with a face-off with unemployment, which then is followed by a showdown with depression! Depression makes it very hard for us to keep fighting the battle against unemployment.

Depression from unemployment (or in short unemployment depression) de-motivates productive mindsets and encourages negative thinking patterns. It even gets in our way of the job search, which is probably our only way out of this pitfall.

Depression and unemployment fit together in such a way as to employ its evil genius to ruin our lives. It hardly matters whether you are unemployed because of depression or depressed because of unemployment! What matters is- what you can do to overcome unemployment depression, to live a fulfilling life that you truly deserve.

Depression and unemployment statistics:

unemployment depression statistics

According to a research by Gallup, known for its public opinion polls which are conducted worldwide, ‘the longer people are unemployed, the more likely they are to report signs of poor psychological well-being.’

Gallup ran a telephone survey in 2013 with 356,599 Americans including 18,322 unemployed adults. Among those with full-time jobs, 5.6% said they were depressed. Among the unemployed, more than twice that number, 12.4%, said they were depressed. When Gallup polled those who had been unemployed for more than 52 weeks, the share of depressed people jumped to 19%.

The longer the duration of unemployment, it’s more likely that the person will face depression.

Unemployment depression symptoms:

It’s very natural to feel down when you are going through hard times in life such as being out of job. If you continue feeling low for longer than two weeks or more, you might be suffering from unemployment depression.

In case you find it too difficult to manage minor day to day tasks, you must consider seeking help to get you through the difficult period.

Some of the symptoms of Unemployment Depression are:

  • Insomnia or broken sleep
  • Low level of energy
  • Reduced self-esteem
  • Changes in appetite
  • A lack of motivation
  • Emotional instability
  • A lack of pleasure in activities which are normally of interest
  • Difficulty concentrating

Effects of unemployment depression:

overcome depression

Depression from unemployment not only affects our mental states, but it influences us in all areas of life. To name a few harmful effects of unemployment depression-

  • It causes serious damage to our job prospects,
  • results in failure in focusing on one thing at a time,
  • turns us into lousy procrastinators,
  • wrecks our social relationship and
  • last but not the least deprives us of our mental peace and well-being.

How to overcome unemployment depression:

Depression is common to experience during unemployment along with anxieties, financial insecurities and social pressure. If you are depressed and feeling jobless and hopeless, don’t feel ashamed of your feelings. You are not alone in feeling this way.

There are forums on the Internet full of queries from many people who are feeling exactly the way you are!

The most important thing to do is accepting and validating all your feelings and emotions. Here are some tips that might help you to overcome unemployment depression:

  • Write how you feel in a journal or express your emotions in creative ways such as writing in a blog. Share your thoughts with people in a productive manner to release all your pent up frustrations.
  • Try to maintain a healthy routine by eating and sleeping well. It’s very hard to be disciplined while unemployed since you don’t have a set routine. But you will have to put extra effort to stay fit which will directly help you to relieve physical symptoms of stress,anxiety and depression.
  • If you have any hobbies whether it’s listening to music or creating your own music, this is the time to fully indulge in it. Draw, paint, create a DIY project, sing, dance, write, read or if you think of binge watching as a hobby then go after it!
  • Avoid or reduce consuming alcohol as this may increase anxiety or other symptoms of depression. You should also consider reducing your sugar and caffeine intake which act as stimulants.
  • Spend as much quality time as you can with family and friends, who will support and comfort you by simply being with you and sometimes listening to you in the most non judgemental way.
  • It is highly recommended that you talk to a counsellor who can help you in managing any of your mental health related concerns. It’s probably a good idea to talk to a professional if you are seriously concerned about your depression.


depression, unemployment

Depression and unemployment are inter connected and in most cases one will inevitably follow the other. If we can’t avoid depression unemployment, we must learn to overcome it.

In order to overcome depression from unemployment, we have to train our minds slowly yet consistently. We will have to learn to use positive thinking and problem solving, maintain routine and discipline in life and also spend our free time more productively.

Above all, we must not lose hope, because if we do we allow unemployment depression to ruin our life.

Fight your good fight and in time both unemployment and depression will stand defeated. Until then gather all your patience and use it to persevere against all odds. Victory will be yours! ✌️

Have you ever been through unemployment depression?
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31 thoughts on “How to stop Unemployment Depression from ruining your life?

  1. Unemployment is scary. We got haunted by the negative thoughts, It seems like no future, no hope. It seems like life is not good for me but keeps pushing to stay hustling and investing precious time on small skills that will give you boost and enough confidence to survive. Thank you.

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  2. In this day and age many of us base our self esteem on our earning potential. In a materialistic society this has become a status symbol. Even otherwise, if a person, be it a man or woman, cannot support his / her family and cater to their demands, can go into depression. This is a timely post that suggests a way out of such depression.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That is very true. I’m aware of this way of thinking in our society about earning potential & how it triggers depression. But I wasn’t thinking from this point of view, how even people with jobs can go into depression. You’ve actually given me a fresh perspective on the topic. Thank you so much for sharing your thought.


  3. im unemployed, just graduated in the Spring but it definitely sucks. Job searching can be hard and so competitive. Definitely feel more depressed not having a purpose. But ill get there. its important not to put ourselves down. Thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Rose for sharing your thought. I completely agree with you that we mustn’t put ourselves down during times like this. This could actually be a great opportunity (lots of free time) to develop new skills or sharpen old ones. Any difficult situation might be a blessing in disguise. All it takes is a positive mindset & I think you already have that. My best wishes to you ❤︎

      Liked by 1 person

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    Thank you for visiting and liking – and Welcome! To DailyBiblePrayer.wordpress. May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer!
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    God bless you.


  5. Thank you for liking my posts and giving me a lot of support. They mean alot to me. Keep supporting. Take Care💚


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