If you’ve been following me on my blog for a while, you already know that I love mobile photography. Because of this love for mobile photography, I’ve a couple of really impressive shots of flowers.

So I thought I should use these photos & put together a blog post on it. I took these photos looking & walking very casually through the flower market in my city. I was feeling anything but casual! People (mostly flower vendors & a couple of strangers) thought I was taking selfies.

People staring at me usually makes me very conscious! I had to get over my consciousness & I got over it once I started clicking those gorgeous flowers.

From my new (and fresh) experience of doing flower photography, I bring you the five easy steps to do flower photography-

Step One
Spot them flowers

flower photography, mobile photography

We’ll need first & foremost some flowers to do flower photography.

If you’re someone who feels conscious around people like me, buy some flowers & bring them home or wherever you would like to photograph them.

And, if you’re someone who gets conscious but can also get shameless to do what needs to be done, also like me; then you can take photos in a public park, a flower shop, flower market, etc.

I went to the street flower market in the afternoon when there was less crowd to get my shots.

In case you have a beautiful garden full of flowers, then obviously you don’t need to go out looking for them, my lucky friend!

Step Two
Set up your set-up

flower photo, photography

The next step is to straighten out the second most important thing we need for flower photography. Prepare your camera beforehand & keep it handy. You can use any gear you like, you may use an expensive camera or a cost effective camera phone. Just do some basic prep, like clean the lens and keep it ready for your day of flower photography.

If you’re going outdoors to take the shots, take out your camera/ phone a minute or two before you reach the target place. It will make you less conscious & help you focus more on the subject of your photos. Plus you’ll save some time & we know full well- time is precious!

Step Three
Loose Yourself

flower photography

If you want to take the best flower photos, like the ones no one has taken before; you’ll have to be completely self-less! Be so selfless that you forget all about yourself & the only thing you see, the only thing that exists for you are these beauuu-tiful flowers.

When I say selfless here, I mean to loose your sense of self. Not for ever though! Only for a while or as long as you’re capturing the flowers with your camera/ phone. Don’t just look at those flowers, try to actually see & appreciate the magic & the beauty they have.

Step Four
Too many photos

flower photo, mobile photography

This is actually a very simple & self explanatory kind of step. Take too many photos because we don’t do this everyday! Also because we can always delete extra shots but can’t create non existing shots! So click as many photos as you can.

When to stop? Just before you run out of storage space, that’s a good time to call it quits!

Step Five
Make them shine

flower photography

The final step is after we’ve got our shots of flower photography. Edit the shots & make them look a little better than the original ones. Edit the photos to make colors pop & if you like use some cool effects. I use adobe lightroom which also makes my shots high definition quality.

If you would prefer your photos unedited, you can skip the editing part. But you can not skip the last & best part, which is to share your flower photos. Share your photos on social media or your blog & make them really shine.

Spread some of the happiness you had felt from those magical flowers & from doing flower photography.

Pro Tip:

Use natural light & try to get some shots that looks like the flowers are smiling & glowing in the sunshine. If you get this exact shot, do share it with me. I would love to actually see it, because (between you & me) I haven’t got this shot, not yet!

I’m hoping these photos and the five easy steps inspires you to go out & try some flower photography!

Do share your thoughts on this post…

Thank you for reading 🌻


42 thoughts on “How to do flower photography in 5 easy steps!

  1. good info and some cool shots.
    i have found some stores/places dont like/allow photos to be taken.
    be flexible. by this i mean, bend, kneel, squat to get different perspectives and not just looking down at your subject.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Wow, I wish I could stroll through that flower market! Just beautiful. I’m going to use your tips in my measly flower garden, haha. Pictures of flowers are my favorite and yours are awesome.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Really enjoyed reading.. The good part was when i read make them shine, smile of flower n share with me.. I can imagine those things happening.. So it’s great to share a connection with writer when you read👍

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Thanks for this post! There are a few orange flowers near my house that are begging to be photographed. I usually shoot people, so landscapes, buildings, and nature intimidate my eye a bit. This is a very encouraging post for me.

    Liked by 2 people

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