It’s been a crazy month! Without naming names, I’ll simply call this crazy month- the crazy month!

I don’t want to offend anyone (or should I say any month) here! All of the events that I’m about to share has happened in the last month. I would have lost my sanity if not for my support system, a system that’s an expert in licking away all of my stress & worries.

This crazy month (about which I’m hoping I’m building a bit of suspense) started well and good. It was even great, even if only for a short while!

Freelancer, life

I’ve been working on a freelancing site (fiverr) and I think I can say I’m doing good work there. I had completed 25 orders during this crazy month, it was a lot of work, busy weeks & weekends, but the work was also satisfying.

I’ll share more about my experience of using the freelancing platform soon on the blog.

On 15th of the month I was upgraded to level one seller on the freelancing platform. Sounds great and exciting, I thought so! But it isn’t going to be all peachy perfect, I would soon find out!

Before I jump to the events after the 15th, I must share the hardest part of the month. I really want to skip this part, the personal & emotionally exhausting part.

I’ll just quickly get this over with! On the early morning of the 6th of the month, my mother suffered a brain hemorrhage. I hated going through this bad situation and more so seeing her go through it.

She is recovering now and God willing, soon she should recover & regain her health.

My mother’s sickness bought along with it few other things. Some unpleasant truths about her, me and us. But the thing is truth never hurts us, what hurts is lies and keeping the truths from us & for too long.

That’s all I can express right now. May be someday I’ll express through written words about our complex relationship & our very very dysfunctional family. May be I’ll write a book about it someday!

But today I have courage enough only to get about two small paragraphs out of my system.

Now, moving on to events after 15th of the month. Getting good amount of work and at the right time was good and even therapeutic in some way for us.

Fiverr level one

I said us because I don’t work alone. I’ve a co-worker who also happens to be my soul sister, who also happens to be my friend, who also happens to be my real sister!

Thanks to the crazy amount of work on all fronts- personal, professional, physical and mental; I wasn’t thinking too much of anything. It was just about doing things and completing tasks.

Soon after I made it to level one seller on fiverr, I started getting a lot of messages and work. But the thing is most of them were scamming or low pay or jobs I wasn’t comfortable doing. Naturally I let those jobs go.

Almost all of my clients that I have worked with so far were extremely good to work with. A few of them were generous enough to even leave not just good reviews but extra tip for me. I was touched by such kindness and generosity.

But this crazy month, I experienced what we freelancers call a difficult buyer. And this difficult buyer made my life hell!

Help, life

I reached out for help to the support center and initially I was a bit disappointed. But all’s well that ends well!

In the final email from the help center somebody just complimented me saying- you’re a great seller! The same email also referred to me as ‘the buyer’ instead of ‘the seller’ at one point towards the end.

But I choose to ignore that part. The only part I’m interested in is that I’m a great seller/ freelancer & I have it in record.

Fiverr seller, freelancer

I think we have come to the perfect time and place to end this blog post and make it out of this crazy month. I’m safe and sound, I checked!

Thank you for reading!

I really hope you didn’t have a crazy month like me! Or did you?

Either way, do let me know in the comments.

30 thoughts on “About a Crazy-Bad Month of My Life!

  1. typically May has been a “bad” month for me as so many events in my life fall in the month of May. it has taken many years to ease the memories of this month and this year was the best month of May i have had in many years.
    good to hear you are “working”
    and im sorry May was not good for you, but i hope the rest of the months are sterling.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your kind words. I appreciate it a lot.
      May also happens to be my birthmonth (I know there’s no such term, I just made it up). I’m sorry you’ve had bad months previously. Good to know things were different this year.
      Thanks again for your kindness 🙂


    1. Yes, with pleasure! Not one, I would like to share two tips actually.

      First, always go through the gig description to make sure the seller is capable of fulfilling your requirement.
      Or if you have time contact the seller & discuss about your requirements before placing your order.

      Second, do check seller reviews properly & see what previous buyers have said about the seller.

      I hope that’s helpful. The second tip is quite obvious but I thought I should share anyways 🙂

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  2. Binita, the link of your name does not reach this blog. You might need to change it in My Profile ––> Account Settings. The link of the profile pic also shows an error. You need not publish this comment. This is fyi only.

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  3. I am sure you will overcome the problems. Your mother’s bad health will come under control. God helps the brave. Goodluck!


  4. Oh! feel so sorry to know about your mother’s health. Wish she makes rapid recoveries. In a way we all have the dysfunctional families but things have to move on.

    Congratulations on the success on your professional front.

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  5. Words have power.. indeed they do! The ONLY reason why you would have anything that is not positive is because YOU GIVE it energy.. scary to realize but I resonate with what you are saying until I realized that I am the one creating my reality. Deliberately ignore all the things you don’t want in your life, focus ONLY on what you want and you will see that becoming the reality. All the Best.. 🙂

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  6. Your content is very beautifully expressed. Loved your narrative style.
    October wasn’t crazy for me. But it was deeply shocking. My seventy-two year old paternal uncle suddenly went missing from his home in Jorhat, Assam. We haven’t been able to trace him so far.
    Good luck with your freelancing work.

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    1. Thank you so much Mehjabin for your kind words of appreciation. I loved your content as well, looking forward to reading more of your writings in future.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle. I can only imagine the emotional state you & your family must be going through. I pray that he may return home safe & soon.
      Be brave & I hope you find the strength to endure this hard times.

      Love & best wishes,

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      1. Thanks for your lovely response, Binita! Glad that you liked the contents of my blog. I have written about my missing uncle there. This has been a very tough year for our family.
        Will read the other contents of your blog gradually, as and when I get the time.
        Keep writing! Love and regards


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