“Self-discipline is often disguised as short-term pain, which often leads to long-term gains. The mistake many of us make is the need and want for short-term gains (immediate gratification), which often leads to long-term pain.”

-Charles F. Glassman

Are you someone who struggles with daily routines or perhaps with lack of one? You have been meaning to get more organized and live a self disciplined life for the longest time, but where’s the time!

December was the month of celebrations and festivities. Then came January, the month of continued celebrations and festivities! You got completely derailed from your routines and from your very ambitious plans for the disciplined life.

The above two paragraphs sums up my current state of being. Trying to get self disciplined has become a real struggle in my life. I’ve been trying to do simple things like sleeping and eating well and on time. But every other day these simple daily routines are getting all messed up!

Keep trying, self discipline
I try but bad habits die hard!

Yesterday I was working on editing and designing some graphics for the blog. I checked my phone it was 1 o’clock in the night. Today I feel grumpy and irritable, along with burning sensation in my eyes.

I think with the new nature of work that I’m doing as a freelancer and blogger, self discipline is a challenge I have to overcome. Not having a fixed routine and being your own in-charge is cool, but it’s also quite difficult.

I don’t take myself too seriously to listen and obey to every single instructions of my own. But I think it’s time to change that. Also, I figured telling myself to cut some slack because it’s only January is not going to work, since it isn’t January anymore!

Self discipline
What I need right now…

Self discipline is the key to solve my current lifestyle crisis. But, where do I begin and how do I train myself to become self disciplined?

I have found a few things that I’m trying to follow to achieve self discipline in life. These simple tips might be useful to you in case you’re in the same page as me!

Here they are-

Self discipline tip #1

Reading, motivation
I should get some food for thought…

Find inspiration and motivation as much as you can. It’s best to look for motivation in good non fiction books. Reading motivational and self help books will change your mindset and help you feel more positive. With the right mindset you can pretty much achieve anything, even self discipline!

You can also find motivation from reading inspirational quotes, articles or anything which gives you energy and makes you feel good.

Self discipline tip #2

Sleeping habits, self discipline
Bedtime stories & goodnight’s sleep!

Sleeping habits affect our physical and mental health way more then we realize! It’s no wonder we have been told to ‘early to bed and early to rise‘. If you wish to be healthy, wealthy and wise; you have got to go to bed on time and don’t forget to wake up the next day on time too!

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Self discipline tip #3

Homemade, eating habits
Got a kitchen, cook some food!

Eating habits are equally as important as sleeping habits. Again, it’s no wonder we have been told ‘you become what you eat‘. Now, I don’t mind becoming a pizza or a burger or even a potato, but I think I would prefer being a human for this lifetime!

You must try and eat all three meals of the day on time. If it’s possible eat more of homemade food.

Self discipline tip #4

Self discipline, social media
The thing that’s not making anyone any wiser!

When it comes to getting self disciplined, social media is not something which will help us in any way. Avoid using it or minimize your time to not more than an hour on daily basis.

Instagram has introduced a feature called ‘your activity’ where you can access your time spent on it. You can use this feature if you’re someone addicted to Instagram.

Self discipline tip #5

Reflection, self discipline

Planning is essential for achieving any task, but before you make plans take a moment to examine your life. Think about your weaknesses and reflect on the areas that needs most work. May be it’s the sleeping habits that you struggle the most with or may be something else.

Find out where you are mentally/ physically in your personal and professional life. Once you have determined that, start working on your plans for where you would (eventually) want to be.

Self discipline tip #6

Plan to forget but don’t forget to plan!

Start your planning with a big or main goal in mind. Divide the big goal into couple of small achievable goals. The small ones will make it easy and simple to achieve the big one.

For example: If our big goal is self discipline, then we will have to plan our days to achieve small goals such as healthy sleeping and eating habits, reading for an hour everyday, minimum use of social media, etc on daily basis.


Don't give up, keep trying
It’s a lot of fun! Don’t give up!!

Self discipline is not easy and you need a lot of motivation in order to achieve it. I’ve realized you can’t give up after you have tried the first time or the second, third, fourth or ever!

You have to keep trying; and somewhere along the way of your many failures, you’ll have your day of perfect self discipline.

Then, on the next day you’ll have to begin the process of getting self disciplined all over again.

I’m starting my attempt at getting self disciplined today and if I fail today, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Do share your thoughts on this blog post.

Do you also struggle with self discipline like I do? If not, please share some tips on how to be self disciplined in life 🙂

Thank you so much for reading 🌻 

42 thoughts on “How to get Self Disciplined in Life?

  1. Self discipline is very important thing in life. I think working regularly in small bits helps in reducing pressure that tend to build up. To work regularly needs discipline and push away apparent pleasures.

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  2. Thank you for this post. It cheered me up, February is a drag of a month generally and I always start beating myself up about the things I wish I was getting on with. Now I know I am not alone. Your graphics made me laugh too. Mx

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  3. Like a lot of things in life, I think it’s mostly a habit… and mostly associated with getting started. We all have “approach-avoidance” thoughts, but the behaviors that accompany them don’t have to be connected. Before a run, my head will fill with reasons for not running today (I can skip a day, don’t feel great, knee hurts, ate too much last night, blah blah…). Don’t even try to stop the thoughts; just keep on getting ready and head out the door while having them. Eventually, the focus changes to match the investment in the activity.

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    1. This actually makes so much sense. I know those thoughts you’re talking about, I find it absolutely impossible to get anything done when I entertain such thoughts.
      I didn’t know there is a term for these thoughts- approach avoidance. Good to know.
      Thank you for sharing the very helpful & informative thought 🙂

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  4. What a horrible way to live! For Heaven’s sake, be gentle with yourself! If you feel you are not ‘succeeding’ (whatever that means) analyse your situation, because it will take a great deal more than a good night’s sleep to correct your problem. To have a happy, fulfilled life, the most important advice I can give is to stop chasing the dreams that are not within your reach – to go out every morning with a smile on your face and acceptance that maybe you won’t achieve much today, and let life happen to you.

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  5. That is a good list of tips. I enjoyed Stephen Guise’s Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results on this topic. I’m now reading One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, by Robert Maurer. Both emphasize small steps that eventually add up to big changes

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thought. I’ll check out the books you mentioned, sounds like great non fiction titles to read.
      Breaking big tasks into smaller steps really makes it so much for simpler & easier to achieve completion of those tasks. This little hack has always been of great help to me.
      Best wishes 🙂

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  6. I work from home so the importance of self discipline cannot be overstated in my case! I manage to eat and sleep on time (I’m one of those stickler to their schedule type of people, and get grumpy if my schedule is off), but yea within my work hours, sometimes it’s not the easiest! I found creating “rituals” around things that we want to form a habit of works really well. For example, if someone wants to get some daily discipline around meditation, they could add a small enjoyable ritual they do around it, like say having a cup of tea. With time, due to associative triggers, the very act of having tea will remind the person that it’s meditation time! 🙂

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  7. Being freelancer is a tough way to live. I’ve done that for a few decades, and I can admit that it destroyed big stretches of life because of deadlines which are tight and because of all kinds of editing and re-editing and doing that for free. Terms and conditions sometimes were harsh.
    Being calm and not over-reacting is very important. Rushing things has never good end.
    I don’t know how one can have many celebrations and parties because I just don’t, and I have grown to dislike wasting time in small talks and similar pastimes.
    Keeping the same hours helps a lot: going to bed at the same hour, getting up at the same hour, so on. Apart from meeting the deadline for some work, everything else can wait till morning.
    We have to take on what we can carry. It’s not a good idea to break down under the load of duties and necessities. Truth is, we must see some reward coming our way and stop torturing ourselves to achieve whatever we have decided. Hard work does not always pay off, so, we have to be selective.
    When a person is responsible and reliable, they are also very disciplined and never late with anything. I personally trust only such people.

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    1. Thank you so much Inese for sharing such a wonderful thought. I’ve been thinking about the same things you’ve mentioned here lately. I’ve realized that sticking to a disciplined routine, waking up & sleeping at fixed times, maintaining balanced diet & regular exercise are most vital for my brain to not lose control. I also procrastinate a lot, then there are PMS issues to deal with. I feel like I’m not doing my best to be productive. I’m working on all these areas & I think I’m making some progress.

      Your tips are most practical & so useful, much needed advice for me right now. Thank you so much, I truly value your gesture.

      Love & best wishes,


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