“That person is a failure who steals the science of a scientist and claims that he is the owner.”

-Kamaran Ihsan Salih

Content theft is (undoubtedly) one of the most undesirable event in the life of bloggers. It’s not always in our control to predict or prevent this event.

Never the less, there is still a lot we can do to deal with it. Being more aware about all aspects of content theft and content copying is the first step towards achieving that goal.

Before I conclude this series, let me break the whole series into few digestible points. Think of these points as a revision of everything we have discussed so far. Here we go:

1. What happens when someone copy your blog content?

Content theft, blog, content
What happens when someone copy your blog content?

When someone copy your blog content, they cause you a lot of damage. To begin with content theft is violation of intellectual rights of original content creators. Besides violation of your rights as original author of your blog content, content theft is also bad for SEO. There are more reasons and all of them equally valid, why we must stop content theft or copy of original content.

2. How to stop getting your content copied by others?

Content theft,
How to stop getting your content copied by others?

There is no foolproof or certain way to stop content copy on the Internet. Internet is a huge community of different groups of people. Even though most people have best of intentions, we cannot always control the ones who don’t. There are a few preventive measures which might discourage those few people with wrong kind of intentions. For example: put up a copyright declaration using text widget in the sidebar of your site.

3. How to find out if your content has been copied?

Content theft, blog content
How to find out if your content has been copied?

Bloggers who have a huge number of subscribers on the Internet, have more chances of getting information about copied content from external sources. But this might not be the case for other bloggers and not something to always rely on by all bloggers. There are other ways to find out about any possible copied content on the web. Using Google search and internal linking are the two most simple, free and easy ways to find content theft. There are also some paid services available on the net that will do the job for you.

4. How to get your copied content removed?

Copied content, blog post
How to get your copied content removed?

This is the last and most important part of this whole series- what to do after you find out your content has been copied? First of all, make sure it is your original content which has been copied. Next, give yourself a few moments to adjust and accept the situation in order to deal with it with a clear and cool mind. Once you relax your mind, create a counter strategy to get your content removed or else make the content thieves pay the price for stealing your content.

The Internet is very vast and its users so diverse, it is simply not possible to prevent someone misusing your content which is freely available on the net. The least you can expect is (and you should consider yourself lucky) if you happen to find about your content being copied soon after it was copied!

But, even if we can’t control or prevent the undesirable from happening, there are a few things we can do to deal with the undesirability of content theft and content copying effectively. I think we must do everything we can to protect our content: the result of our time and efforts.

I have broken down everything I know and could find on this topic, and have put all of that in this series of posts. I truly hope the information shared in the series will help you better equip yourself in dealing with content copy and content theft.

Content theft, be original
Be original!

Be original, Think original, & Create original!

This series is also available as an EBOOK on Amazon. You can access all the information on Content Theft & Content Copying, organized & well put together in one place.

Content theft, ebook

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What are your thoughts on this?

Share your opinion on this whole series on Content Theft. Also, please do share about your experience, lessons, opinion and advice related to this topic.

As always, Thank You for reading :)

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