“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you’ve changed, by believing.”
– Diane Duane

The universe is much bigger and much more intelligent than you or me. It knows what has happened and what will, consequently it takes care of what is happening.

You and I, we don’t have such grand knowledge or great wisdom. So we do what we know best- worry!

But if we could learn to trust in the universe because it always figures out everything in the end, it would make a big difference in our worrying habits.

To be able to put a full stop to the unprofitable habit of worrying is not the only benefit of believing in the universe. When you start believing in the universe it brings along a whole set of privileges.

This is a list of ten such privileges including ‘no more worries’ that you might enjoy if you step into the club called ‘universe knows best’.

Top ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe

The main list

You can click on any point from the list below to jump straight to the point-

1. No more worries

2. Stress reduction

3. Saving time and energy

4. More positivity

5. More productivity

6. Improved concentration

7. Gaining a Bigger perspective

8. Spiritual growth

9. Emotional stability

10. Greater happiness and joy

Now, here is the list of the above points with a brief narration-

No more worries

believe in the universe, don't worry
Listen to this wise little girl!

1. No more worries:

We worry for the present and future, we worry for ourselves and others. But why do we worry so much? We worry because of the fact that life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties.

This worrying habit can only stop when you start believing in something bigger than yourself. If you can have faith in the universe, you will stop taking it upon yourself to alter things beyond your reach.

You know there’s no point in worrying, so may be just let the universe take care of things for now.

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Stress reduction

2. Stress reduction:

Most adults work under a lot of pressure, we are bound to get stressed out under such circumstances. Stress works quite the same way as worry.

More than the situation itself, what causes more stress is thinking about it. Thinking over and over in our minds, we create a lot of stress even for a minor event.

You have got to stop stuffing your minds with such thought patterns. Instead fill your minds with positive thoughts, thoughts about the grandeur of the universe. Think about all the things the universe has and still is doing right. Your stress won’t stand a chance before the glory of the universe.

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Saving time and energy

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
Someone is having some ‘me time’

3. Saving time and energy:

Once you get your worries and all the stress out of your mind, you will be surprised by the amount of free time and extra energy at your disposal. When you start believing in the universe and get out of it’s (and your own) way, you let things be.

There are somethings that you can’t control no matter how much you want to. You should allow the universe to oversee all those things which previously consumed a (big) chunk of your time as well as energy.

Now the question is what are you going to do with your free time and energy?

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More positivity

4. More positivity:

To start believing in something that is bigger than us, we have to change our old mindsets to let the new and improved thoughts take their shape.

We have to let go of self centered thinking and free our minds of negative thoughts. Only then we can accept with all our heart the universe and ourselves in it.

There will be infinite possibilities to explore and an endless reservoir of positivity.

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More productivity

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
I’m a do’er of su’purr things!

5. More productivity:

When your mind is full of negative thoughts of fear; doubt; anger; jealousy; worry and envy, you get a lot less done throughout the day.

A lot of your time gets wasted, time that could be put to productive use.

But when you replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and a belief in the universe, you not only regain the lost time but also attain energy.

With time and energy you undoubtedly become more productive than ever before.

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Improved concentration

6. Improved concentration:

You can never focus your attention on one thing if your mind is disturbed.

You can free your mind of unnecessary worries about future occurrence (or non-occurrence) and clear out the noise inside your mind with your faith in the universe.

When your mind is at peace you can focus on the present moment more easily with an improved level of concentration.

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Gaining a Bigger perspective

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
The bigger picture

7. Gaining a Bigger perspective:

You will start thinking about bigger and better things about the world around you.

To come to know about the universe and how everything in it is connected, will help you gain a great understanding.

You won’t think about things only from your own narrow perspective but rather from a much wider ‘universal’ perspective.

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Spiritual growth

8. Spiritual growth:

Explaining about how spirituality and belief in universe are co-related is very difficult.

You can not put into words how the soul evolves when you try to make a connection with the universe.

It is a very freeing and positive feeling. One has to experience it to know it.

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Emotional stability

Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
Someone needs to invent this switch!

9. Emotional stability:

Emotions run wild when you are in the middle of this big-bad world without anything to fall back on.

If you give the universe a chance, the universe could be your back up.

When all else fails I shall come to you, dear universe!’

How did you feel reading the last sentence?

I bet a little relieved! Your emotions will calm down with this grand plan.

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Greater happiness and joy

10. Greater happiness and joy:

With a strong faith and a true believe in the power of the universe, you will slowly but steadily become a much more cheerful person.

When a belief is true and positive, it will bring about countless boon to the one who believes.

If you can find it in your heart to believe in the universe, you will find the great treasure of happiness and that too within yourself!

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Still not sure if you should believe in the power of the universe?

Think about how the sun rises each morning, river flows, correlation between moon and tides and so many other such fascinating things going on around us.

Who plans or directs nature to follow patterns and to always maintain balance?

So many legendary men have admitted and bowed before the greatness of the universe. There still remains a lot of mystery about the universe, which no one has yet succeeded in solving.

We are a very small part of this universe and as individuals we are even more microscopic. The universe contains us, it sees through and beyond us. It’s sight has no such human limitations as selfishness, envy, judgements, prejudices and short sightedness.

Maybe it’s time we acknowledge the universe, it might remind us of our place in the enormous workings of the world.

I didn’t plan it this way but this article turned out quite a long one. To be fair, it is about the universe and you know how big the universe is! I suggest you bookmark this page in your browser and come back to it as & when you please, to finish it or to review it.


∗ Disclaimer

I don’t intend to say one should or could replace fair and hard work with any kind of belief or faith. ‘There’s no substitute for hard work.’ Even the universe can’t help us if we don’t work for our own dreams and aspirations.

💬 Do you believe in the power of the universe?
What are your thoughts on this topic, please do share!

Hope this article was helpful, thank you for reading! 

41 thoughts on “Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe!

  1. A different perspective of looking at things. But this same fact makes some actions unbearable because of the same insignificance. I guess not every body realises the part where they belong in the universe. Well written.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I guess I do believe in the power of the universe, but also I think relying too much on it wouldn’t be a good thing. If we assume that all our actions and the world around us are ultimately controlled by a greater power, wouldn’t it ultimately give us a sort of “so what?” or a “we’ll, I couldn’t have done anything about that” attitude? I think we should also believe in ourselves.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the thought. I do agree with you on this and that’s why I even added a point on similar lines at the end of the post as a disclaimer.
      I think the best thing we could do is strike a balance between believing in ourselves and something which is bigger than ourselves.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So well put together! It is wonderful to feel part of a large beautiful cosmic plan – such a relief than to have to carry all the burdens – real and perceived of our life on our tiny, tiny, tiny shoulders. Your post is so motivating and inspiring. Thank you. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. You are absolutely right! If more people practiced this can you imagine what we could all accomplish? The happiness we felt would be contagious and we would build a better happier world. I try to do my part, although sometimes I forget how powerful the universe is. Thank you for the reminder!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I tend to forget the same often and start worrying over silly matters. But I try to remind myself of my own beliefs every now & then. Writing is one way of achieving that purpose.
      I’m glad you liked the article and that it was of some value to you.
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts. 🙂


  5. Your thoughts here are a great counterweight to today’s culture which is all about “control, control, control!” If something happens that you don’t like, FIX it. Do everything in your power to MAKE SURE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. How freeing just to say, “I’m not going to worry about it. The universe will take care of it!” It reminds me of something Carl Jung had somebody tell him when he was visiting Africa. They said, “You know, mister, this here country is not man’s country, it’s God’s country. So if anything should happen, just sit down and don’t worry.”

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Reblogged this on Home Business and commented:
    I would like to add your quote to my page.:
    “Unemployment has given me time to pursue real skills that will help further my non-existent career.”

    Liked by 2 people

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