“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”
-Jimmy Johnson
The dream job is the job we all dream about. It’s the job of which we are full of expectations and (more importantly) which fulfills those expectations.
Your dream job might be different from mine. But the basic needs of a human from any job are same or at least much similar.
Have you ever wondered about the qualities that would make a job the dream job? Well, I have! This small list, the ten essentials of a dream job is the result of that wondering.
“The Dream Job is the job which is full of expectations and (more importantly) which fulfills those expectations.”
Any job would essentially be the dream job if it’s the job where —

1. You are valued, appreciated

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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When you wake up every day to go to a workplace that values you and let’s you know verbally or otherwise that it values you, then going to work will be the ultimate motivation anyone could ask for. We all put in our efforts and yes we are paid to do that but is it really that difficult to praise a man for his honest efforts? For all the hardwork one does, one naturally expects some appreciation and that little appreciation makes a lot of difference in one’s life.

2. You can participate

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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If an individual as a part of an organization is able to participate even in the smallest manner, it would mean a lot to that individual. To begin one will feel welcome and believe to have become an important member of the organization. It will also instill values such as loyalty towards the workplace and a sense of security within oneself.

3. You get full return on investment (remember time is money)

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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Most of the time especially in developing nations like our’s we are forced to take a job with low salary packages. The amount of work or hours of work does not match the amount on the cheque at the end of the month. It would be nice if one could afford a simple but fulfilling standard of living in exchange for joining the workforce.

4. You get plenty of scope for improvement

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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Change is inevitable and to face change we need to constantly learn and adapt to that change. Growth and training should be part of an ideal job where one can grow and improve and face change head-on. It’s only possible to live a more fulfilling life by improvement.

5. You can find sense of security

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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It is not possible to achieve the best results and one’s true potential if we are nagged by feelings of insecurity. Every person no matter what job one goes to requires sense of security. Job and financial security are the most basic and most essential needs of any working person and I think it shouldn’t be denied to him/ her.

6. You can find meaning in the work

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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As human beings we search for meaning in our life and from the work that we do in our life. Without meaning our minds can’t find satisfaction and without satisfaction we can’t find happiness. Whatever work we do there must be something worthwhile that makes us feel we bring something of value to the world and that we do make a difference.

7. You get motivation aka incentives for hardwork

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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Whether someone expresses it or not, it is an universal truth that we all need appreciation for our efforts. When you put all your heart and soul into your work, and then the end result is also upto the mark. You will naturally expect some incentive (monetary or otherwise) at the end of the day. If you receive that incentive you will work with the same enthusiasm next time, but if you don’t it will take away some of the zeal that you had earlier.

8. You find your workplace agreeable even friendly

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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Which workplace will serve as the hub for getting best out of it’s members- one that has a friendly and favourable environment or one that is hostile and full of negative influences? We can not strive for progress neither as individuals nor as a group, if we stand against each other under the same system.

9. There is zero tolerance for hostility

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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To elaborate the importance of the previous point, I had to add this point. I feel all of us have had our bitter share (I do hope you’re lucky & luckily could skip on this one) of experiencing hostility of different intensity at workplace. I had my share and I’m still trying to make sense of having to go through such experiences in life. No one should be ill treated or treated as an inferior because of another person’s shortcomings or insecurities. There should be zero tolerance for such or any other unfair conduct at any cost.

10. You want to keep on working indefinitely!

Ten essentials of a dream job!
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A dream job would never feel like a drag, something that you need to do and not something that you actually want to. A dream job is most certainly the one which becomes the reason you want to wake up in the morning for and look forward to do each day. The desire to keep working each day at such a job would be consistent over a long time.


Those are the ten essentials of a dream job that I could think dream of. If all the prerequisites of the dream job could be met, work life would become a lot more swift, easy and productive. There is probably very little chance that such a dream job actually exists. Probably no chance. But a girl can dream!

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22 thoughts on “The Top Ten Essentials of the Ultimate Dream Job!

  1. Enjoyed reading the blog, another essential in my view maybe a job which develops personality, inbuilt talents of a person, while allowing spiritual as well as mental growth would be my dream job. ♡

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