You were born a winner!

Do you have days when you find yourself crippled by your own disastrous thoughts? Do you ever feel a need to conquer your feeble thoughts of fear and doubts? When you have those days and those feelings, the one act that will get your spirits high is reading and re-reading inspirational quotes.

Sometimes because of absence or lack of internal motivation it’s important to find some source of external motivation. And what could be better than few words of inspiration to give us that push we need to get out of our bed and get on with daily life. Reading inspirational quotes fills our minds with positive thoughts and gives us a fresh perspective to life.

Here is one such Inspirational quote which is about why you should never doubt yourself and your capability to achieve your goals.

You were born a winner! 

Inspirational quote , Motivational quotes , life quotes

“You were born a winner, a warrior,

one who defied the odds by surviving

the most gruesome battle of them all-

the race to the egg.

And now that you are a giant,

why do you even doubt victory

against smaller numbers and wider margins?

The only walls that exist are

those you have placed in your mind.

And whatever obstacles you conceive,

exist only because you have forgotten

what you have already achieved.”

By Suzy Kassem

Inspirational quote , Motivational quotes , life quotes

Source for the quote- goodreads

I hope the quotes that I choose to share in this series of inspirational quotes, will fulfill all your cravings for a treasure full of hope, spirit, virtue, strength and positivity.

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